Course Completion Cards

ECSI provides free course completion cards with each student manual or online course access code purchased by our Education Centers. Our new universal cards enable Education Centers to save time and money and reduce environmental impact by issuing one course completion card for up to three different courses. In addition:

  • Our new course completion cards are distributed in sheets of six and feature peel-off laminated cards. These cards can be fed through printers after some cards have been peeled off.
  • Free course completion card printing software is available in the Member Area of our website.
  • ECSI's course completion cards are released only to Education Center Coordinators.

Card Acceptance

Throughout the United States and across the globe, ECSI is accepted by regulatory bodies, such as OSHA, The Joint Commission, and state offices of EMS, education, and health.

To inquire about a specific approval or request a copy of a letter on file, please e-mail our Regulatory Affairs Office.

Course Completion Card Sample